Formloom 4 Stack in JW Lightbox Reveal Stack problem

On a ‘Training’ page, I have a formloom 4 stack that pulls in the relevant formloom 4 form.

The Formloom stack is inside Joe Workman’s Lightbox Reveal stack and is triggered by a text ID in any of the training courses which are in IVY 2 accordion stacks from Elixir.

In Safari all works fine: Look at a training summary, click the ‘Book Now’ link and up pops the lightbox with a booking form.

However, in Chrome, Firefox and Opera, the Lightbox opens but only contains the first 2 fields of the Form. It looks exactly like what happens when you forget to set the formloom to ‘no theme’

All this was working fine in Formloom 3 but has broken in these browsers since upgrading to 4. Anyone have any ideas? You can take a look using thee link below.

Hi manofdogz,
got a similar problem while using Formloom 4 in the Doobox Tab stack. Went back to Formloom 3.
There also sometimes only the first part of the form is seen. Accidentally I changed the size of my browser window and - voilà - the complete form popped in sight. Can’t explain why and how - try this once. I know this is not a solution to the problem but could give some experienced developers/RW honchos a hint what is happening here…
Sometimes there is a lot of white/empty space below the Formloom 3 form in the tab section. Also disappears when the tab changes to accordion when reducing browser width. Expanding browser width and going back to tab the empy space is gone.
Still some mysteries around the “importing/pulling in” of the formloom stack (3 and 4) me thinks.
But Mike from Yabdab is always really helpful when asking him.

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Interesting. The cut off form is commonly seen when you forget to select ‘no theme’ but that’s not the case here as it works fine in Safari. I have a general Contact Form on the same site and that works fine but it is not in a lightbox although does use the stack. I’m dropping a note to Joe Workman and Yabdab - hopefully get to the bottom of it.

Yes, stumbled over this point too and am thoroughly checking that “no theme” is ticked. Also had slight problems with formloom forms within pop ups or lightboxes…
let’s see - Joe and Mike are always great at supporting.

any news from Joe or Yabdab? Still having the problem that Formloom does not load properly when used in a tab … or only showing the first two fields in Chrome or Firefox (example: )

Formloom forms embedded using the helper stack generally will not work if hidden on page load.
The reason being, the remote page needs to see the height in order to properly set the height of the form. If the form is not visible, then it cannot do this.

If you really want to use a form in a modal or slide out, or whatever, then I recommend using FormSnap instead. No dynamic height functions required there.

A new Form stack from Yabdab is coming hopefully before summer. :wink:

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As per Yabdab response - seems to be a no go - does work in Safari but nothing else. So you can use Formsnap as suggested or something like Joe Workman’s Glider stack - not a lightbox but might work for you

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