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I have a website that I’ve built for a relationship orgainsation, and they have asked me to add a form to the site so that potential clients can fill in details, basically so that they have an understanding of what they will be confronted with/what the issues are.

Similar to this -

I’m thinking I’II be able to produce this in foundry (standing site was built in this), perhaps using forms and accordion. My 2 concerns are, how to get the first subsection to approve the content, before moving onto no 2, 3 etc. And not knowing anything about handling other peoples details, if they are filling in personal information, whats the best way for this to be sent. Is this form secure enough to then be emailed to them? I’m a bit out of my depth here, so any suggestions and pointers would be most welcome. Cheers Jon

I’m no expert of Foundry’s Forms or the Potion Pack Form Pro, but I don’t know of a way to handle that with Foundry alone(@Elixir Adam?).

A lot of that would depend on the type of data and where you are doing business. If it’s very generic data then the email may be okay. The sample you gave above would concern me in that you are collecting things like Birthday that are often used for identity theft.

You also may need to be concerned about privacy laws, they vary from location to location.

What you’re looking for sounds like a steppe d form. That is not something the Form or Form Pro stacks are designed for. You’d need a specialized form stack for that.

Not sure what you mean by ‘approve the content’ but @barchard does a good multi step form.

It’s this -

Formloom also would do the multi-step process and has the option to store the data in a mySQL table.

If you’re looking at a complete system to store and maybe approve then you might have a look at MachForms. It’s technically outside of RapidWeaver but a lot of RapidWeaver sites are using it.

You can have a look at this post:

Thanks for the prompt and great response guys, its much appreciated. Rob I think you’ve hit the nail on head with forms plus, that looks perfect. As for the data, it will include some very personal information, due to what the company offer their clients, hence the fact I was a little concerned. I’ve asked the client to take full responsibility for this. I’m also guessing here that as long as the site is SSL Cert secure, their is not much more that I can offer, and that by them filling in the form any personal data will be sent via email at the completion of the form, and therefore won’t be saved to any hosting I offer them or on any data base.

Email is not secure and having an SSL certificate on a web server will not encrypt email being sent from the server.

Might have a look at this article

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Thanks for highlighting that Doug, I had an idea it wasn’t. I’ve put the ball back in the clients hands.
Cheers Jon

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