Forms Plus make "help text" smaller font size

@barchard or anyone else…

Is there code to make the “help text” a smaller font size?

I’d also like to know how you got your step label text vertically centered in your demo, Greg @barchard.
Mine is not…

thanks, Lisa

You should be able to change (over-ride) the css. I don’t use Forms Plus so perhaps someone here already knows the “class” you need to over-ride (assuming you can’t do it in the stack setup). If not you should be able to find what to change by viewing the source of the web page to see what “class” defines the style of the text in question. URL?

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Yeah Greg… not published yet, so no url and no class. I’m sure someone will chime in, or when I’m ready I can publish.

You know you can “View” “Source” while in the editor… right? Page doesn’t have to be published. (I know you were responding to my “url” request.)

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Vaguely forgot about that. thank you.

@willwood may have recommendations on the best approach here.

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I’ve bothered @willwood quite a lot this week. He suggested I ask the forum for little questions :slight_smile: