Forms with Siphon: file upload possible?

Hey guys,

does anyone (Maybe @1LittleDesigner) know if Siphon supports file uploads?

Also I am looking for a multi steps form solution to change the URL for each step to allow Google analytics to build a funnel. Any ideas? Would that work with Siphon?


From the recent discussion, it looks like @barchard is working on it (Forms Plus).

Hi @Benja - Siphon does not currently support file uploads or URL changing for each step. However, we are continually updating our stacks (free of charge) based on the input of our customers. Please feel free to reach out to our support with a request/recommendation (even if you haven’t purchased it).

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FormsPlus now has Google Analytics tracking. When the user changes steps, a virtual page view is fired. On form submission, a Google Event is fired. This should allow you to see where within a form the user abandons the process. :slight_smile:


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@barchard Really cool! Will try it out! Thanks!

@1LittleDesigner I second @Benja’s upload request. Siphon is so cool… it would be a GREAT addition. My 2¢ :smile:

@1LittleDesigner : I looked into the issue of file uploading again. Tried to manually code HTML/CSS within a paragraph and tried services like with little success.

It would just be great to have a little uploader integrated in Siphon!

=> What do you need in order to make it? :slight_smile:

Hi Jeremy, I know from Skyler that there are some very great features coming soon on an update.
I think that the possibilities of Siphon are endless, I can see so many things that this stack can do specially if it’s keep updated with more and more features. Looking forwards on future updates… you will end with a 10/10 stack.

Another big Siphon Update:

  • Now includes a Radio Button option.
  • Now includes a Checkbox option.
  • Now includes a Text option.
  • Now includes a File / Attachment option.

For me the radio buttons do not work if there is an “IF” related slide afterwards. The IF slide does not display any content based on the choice from the radio button slides, only from content selections.