Siphon stack file attachment slide problems

Has anyone managed to get the file attachment slide to work in Siphon?

No matter what I try, it won’t attach a file and move to next step.

There’s no example in the documentation ans 1LD not replying to support request.

Any help appreciated!

I have one published at, midway down homepage under Free contract review section if any troubleshooters about :slight_smile:

I’ve just set it up here - - and it’s working. Just sent myself a small PDF.

It wouldn’t preview in RW but would in Chrome and it does work. Have you added the final required slide - End/Complete?

Here are my settings

Thanks Rob,

Yes, I have the end slide, and have tested a similar basic form like yours on its own page with nothing else.

Seems that it might be the Nick Cates theme I’m using doesn’t like this file upload slide for some reason, unless the PHP settings on my hosting server don’t allow it….I have another rSiphon form on the contact page and it works fine - without a file uploader slide.

The struggle continues…

I tried another theme on a different server, and still no go, so now I think it may be something in my slides after the file upload slide that I have not done correctly.

I have the file attach slide, then a form submit slide, then an "end/complete” slide

Knowing yours works, are you able show me what slides you have after your file attachment slide and the settings to get it to send?

Many thanks!

I’ll try and do that later today Peter. meantime, what’s the Nick Cates’ theme? I can try it my end if I have it.


Hi Rob,

Thanks for getting back to me. I’ve got it working. I deleted the stack and started from scratch. Second time it uploaded, but the email it generated did not have the file attached. 3rd time was a charm. Email sending and file attached.

I don’t know what was wrong or what I had done wrong, but it is now working for the moment. The theme was Depth.

Thanks again,

Ah well, at least it’s working for now. Just keep an eye on it I suppose and test it every now and again.


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