FormSnap CATCHA not working

Anyone else experienced FormSnap’s reCAPTCHA failing recently either with ‘Loading…’ or the page appearing to ‘hang’ on Submitting?

If it uses Google’s system, is that ‘down’ for anyone else?


There has changed on Googles side regarding reCaptcha and you may have to update your FormSnap stacks:

Thanks so much Matthias!

I logged in to Google, got my keys, added Site and Secret, republished all files. Still no good :slightly_smiling:

Where did you put the keys? Somewhere into your site (which would be wrong) or in the dedicated areas of the FormSnap Base stack (v.2.1.5) (which would be the correct way)? Should work then. Otherwise you’d have to ask Mike from Yabdab for further advice.


FormSnap 2 (latest version) in Stacks 3 (latest version) in RW 6.3.7 has two fields - one for Site Key and one for Secret Key - Yes, as you say, in the Stack Base.

I made sure that I recorded what Google generated and pasted accordingly. I then double-checked that I hadn’t transposed ‘Site’ and ‘Secret’ (!), marked the Page as changed, republished it; then Republished All!

I added this info to my ZenDesk ticket at YabDab… I hope Mike reads them over the weekend :slightly_smiling:

What I didn’t do was remove that Stack element, Republish all and then re-add it afresh. Might that help?

Yours appreciated!

Hi Mark, no, I don’t think that removing and adding again that stack element will have any effect. So I’d wait for Mike to get back to you with more information.
Mike did also add this new Google Captcha to FormLoom 3 which I just implemented here on a site I’m currently working on:
At first it refused to work (php error message “Warning: file_get_contents(): https:// wrapper is disabled in the server configuration by allow_url_fopen=0”), but then Mike helped me out by telling me that I would have to change a server setting. After deactivating the “Secure Settings” for PHP on my server the form worked flawlessly…

Matthias - how kind of you… much appreciated!

Since I get no error - just nothing appears in that field - I think your advice to wait for Mike is good :slightly_smiling:

I’d prefer not to tinker with PHP settings, which might break something else.

Though I think it must be something like that.

I have never been to Appenheim; though if I ever do, I shall know where to stay. Good-looking site. Good luck!

Just as I expected. Mike emailed me and drew my attention to this page.

Thanks, Mike - all working :slightly_smiling:

Great to hear that you got your form working! :slightly_smiling:
Best, Matthias

Yes - and thanks for your help! It was the remaining old FormSnap Stack elements that needed removing.