FormSnap Encoding

Hi All,

I have a FormSnap form successfully sending out email, and posting to a database. The only slight issue is that a word like I’m ends up as I’m in the database. It’s not a biggy, but it’s annoying. For FormSnap I have Email encoding set to quoted-printable and Email charset set to utf-8 (8-but unicode). Columns in the database table are all set to utf8_unicode_ci.

I did fill in a support request on the developer’s site, but have heard nothing. Anybody any idea of where I’m going wrong?

Thanks in advance.


Thanks for your suggestion. I’m on MySQL 5.6.23. I tried changing the collation to utf8mb4_bin but I’m still getting the same thing. I checked PHP config and magic quotes are turned off, so I’m at a loss. ANy other ideas?

Thanks in advance


I appreciate your suggestions - thanks so much. I’ve just inserted a new record via PHPMyAdmin and the apostrophes insert correctly with no escaping. I’m assuming, therefore, that it’s what’s being sent from the form which is incorrectly formatted. The form emails and adds to database, email arrives in this format:

I’m testing apostrophes. They’re great. Please ignore…

So, presumably it’s at the form end where this is happening.