Formsnap upgrade from v2

Hello @yabdab!

How I can safely upgrade the site from Formsnap 2 to version 3?
Do I need to make something by hand or just install the new base stack and all existing stacks will be replaced automatically?

Thank You!

See these 2 articles that will help :wink:

I hope this helps answer your question.

No, maybe i ask not so clear.
FormSnap 2 already installed as one big stack, so question is: what happens when i try to install over it a new FormSnap 3? Do i need manually redesign all my forms with a new versions of a stacks, or they simple replace older ones, like do it the new Foundry v2 framework?

No, you should not need to immediately redesign things. There are some new things that will need tweaking, but should still work.

Some stacks will need to be replaced at some point and are marked as such. They contain deprecated Stacks API code ( i.e. %repeat% ) that will stop working one day in the future.

I hope this helps answer your question.

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