PaySnap Upgrade to PS 3 incomplete stack install

Just upgraded to PaySnap 3 and I seem to be missing several stacks. When I unpacked the PS 3 zip file, just the Base stack was there, and when installed and viewed in the Library I seem to be missing several of the stacks shown in the vimeo demo video. Instead of 10 stacks I have 6.

I did email Mike for support and am hoping to hear soon, but has anyone else run into this?

Hi Jody,

You should have 10 stacks.

Probably the installation did not go as it should. Have you tried to remove the stacks and reinstall them? Are you using RW 8?

Hello Panans, yes I am using RW 8 and latest Stacks. Mike from Yabdab replied to my support ticket saying that removing older (in my case) PaySnap 2 stacks from the add ons folder is necessary first. This issue affects FormSnap users as well, so he told me to follow these instructions, just substituting PaySnap for FormSnap:

  1. Click the Addons button at the top left of the window.
  2. Select the Stacks tab.
  3. Right-Click any Stack shown and select Reveal Addon in Finder.
  4. Here you will see many .stack files, Select every FormSnap.stack* file EXCEPT FormSnapBase.stack.
  5. Drag all FormSnap stacks to the trash only leaving FormSnapBase.stack
  6. Restart RapidWeaver

Why do you have to remove FormSnap? I use that as well so removing will really mess up my website.

Also I have PaySnap 2 on some pages and so do not want to mess these up also.

This whole software needs reviewing and the glitches sorting out. I have been messing all day with PaySnap 3 and it just does not work.


David, those steps apply to PaySnap, Mike at YabDab just told me to follow the same steps for upgrading to PaySnap. So you don’t REMOVE FormSnap or PaySnap, you remove all the old FS/PS stacks EXCEPT the FormSnapBase stack./PaySnapBase stack. The advice applies to both when you upgrade. Apologies if copying and pasting the instructions for FS were confusing.

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