How to get the addon in the library

Hi guys,
I have installed a stack, and it features in my addons but I don’t get it in my library. It’s probably a simple thing (tried the dragging and dropping but that didn’t work).
How can I get this thing to work ?
Thanks !

What stack are you installing?

You said it’s featured in the addons, that sounds like it installed, did you restart RapidWeaver?

It’s ok, I right-clicked a stack in de library to find its destination and right-clicked the stack in de addons menu, which for one or another reason was installed in another folder, so I dragged it over to the library folder and the issue was resolved.
Thanks anyway !

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Glad you got it figured out, it’s not an uncommon problem.

For future reference you might have a look at this

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One thing that should ALWAYS be done when installing or updating stacks, is to restart RapidWeaver, not sure if you did that or not, and it sounds like it probably would not have helped in this situation anyway, but ALWAYS a good idea to do.

Glad you got it working!!


Great, good advice, I will do it like this in the future !

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