Impressed by Foundation 6

Hi… I’m writing this post just to share my appreciation of Foundation 6 stacks.
Web design started as a passion, became later a side business and turned into a full time job that I really enjoy.

Many of us using RW for full-time or part-time jobs, had to ‘readjust’ moving from F1 to F6. Those two stack suits follow a very different philosophy, and F1 users really had to learn how to use the new F6 stacks. Now that I’ve been using it in a few projects I’m so impressed by its potential. Any layout I can think of can be made! It runs smoothly with a much faster previewing waiting time and it’s perfectly compatible with any other stacks you might want to use, even by other developers.

I recently had to design branded emails for forms auto-response.

  1. I designed the emails with Email stacks using in the content of the emails form macros to pull information from the live form once uploaded.
  2. Copied the HTML code the the Emal stacks give you into the custom template option in the F6 form stacks
  3. Publish everything and the trick was done!

It’s just really pleasant working with a tool that not only works great, but also integrates smoothly with other stacks to allow almost endless creativity options. Thanks @joeworkman

Hope you guys are enjoying F6 as much as I am.


absolutely agree!

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Thank you for the kind words Davide! It gives me pride in know that my work has a small part to play in the amazing websites that you build.

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