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turn off the steps

@TINO @barchard Me too, hoping to see this feature.

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I’m still confused I’m afraid. Why is this in the list of new features in 1.2.1 if it doesn’t exist yet?



sorry for the confusion. I’ve updated the description to say hide the indicators.

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Thanks. We are all easily confused at the anticipation of the Steps being removed as an option. The Step feature is a powerful feature for large forms that benefit from being split up into steps, but having a 2 steps on a single page short form is not such a good solution. Great you are looking into it.

FormsPlus 1.2.2 just hit the update server. This version adds an often requested (and nifty) feature for Form Submission Templates. Form Submission Templates can now include a URL to uploaded files. This will allow admins to simply click on the link in their email to download the file. This option can be found in the Form Submission template settings

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As a reminder, Form Submission Templates are the emails that go to a designated list of admins.

Happy Holidays and New Year!

Your top dog,

New Features

  • Clickable URLs for file uploads! Admins can now get a clickable link within an email template to download uploaded files without logging in via FTP.

Bug Fixes

  • UTF-8 encoding of emails to support UTF-8 characters in form submissions

Great update Gregory, thanks :smiley:
I wish you the best with these holidays and a prosperous 2018 … looking forwards for more updates to come.

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Hi Friends,

Yes, it is finally here. Database support! FormsPlus can now save your form submissions to a MySQL (or MySQL compatible, e.g., MariaDB) database! Of course, I couldn’t just add MySQL support. FormsPlus will automatically do the following for you:

  1. Set up your MySQL table
  2. Set up your MySQL columns for you in the appropriate type (varchar, int, etc.) and size or length
  3. Automatically perform database migrations for you. This means that you don’t have to worry when you change your forms!
  4. Automatically log visitor info such as IP address, User Agent, and Referrer.

All you have to do is give FormsPlus some basic database information such as hostname, username and password and it’ll do the rest. You can even use the same database credentials for all of your Forms. FormsPlus will save a unique form id with every submission so you can group submissions together by type. Now, how’s that for plus :slight_smile:

Check for updates and enjoy!


FormsPlus v1.3.0

New Features

  • MySQL Database Support
  • Automatic database migration (no need to change the columns in your database)
    • Save user info such as IP, Browser, UniqueID, and Referrer
    • Save file upload name
    • Consolidate forms into a single MySQL database (but still know which form it originated from)

Bug fixes

  • Fix an issue where the FROM field may not be set for email receipts

Not bad, not bad!

So now all that’s left is some conditional logic, whereby the sheet we go to after hitting ‘next’ is dependent on an answer already given!


Thanks Greg that is an awesome new feature for an already great product.

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Thanks Greg, very nice and useful feature. Keep going in the right direction :+1:

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This stack looks interesting, though I would like to see a demo.

The link for the demo on the Chilling website is incorrect (as is the link in this thread to the stack). Have tried using the same structure as other demos of products, though can not find it.


This is the correct link where you can also see a demo.

Bit off topic, but just to let you know the demo page for Forms plus needs re-upping. Looks like the css is missing…

Sees like your contact form is squint too??
Cant submit!!

Thanks - however the demo link doesn’t work.

until I fix this, the temporary demo link is at


cc// @anugyan


Thank you!

Just a quick question - the date picker, can this be used for bookings - ie when somebody books a date, that date is no longer selectable to others


no, sorry :\


I just like to say I agree with A.D.Studio and would like to see some conditional logic added to FormPlus


Yes, a little bit of conditional logic would be very useful. As a simple example: I’d like to be able to create a booking form which will show different numbers of name fields according to the number of guests on has.

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