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(Konstantijn Van Calster) #41

Hi Will,

I’m a bit late with this post but just purchased the FormPlus stack of Greg.
Would like to know how would be your idea to set-up the FormPlus for Purchase Orders and Contact Form.
I find it quite a bit unusual as the Contact Form set-up will need to Follow the Steps. No Contact Forms support without Steps. Don’t know if you have somewhere an example on both. Cheers


(Andreas Belivanakis) #42

I need the option of placing 1-5 of the most popular (to me) countries on top (in addition to them appearing in their respective slots alphabetically in the list).

(Gregory Barchard) #43


As the list is HTML, you can edit it and customize it as you’d like. Simply double click to edit the HTML


(Nicky) #44

Hi Tino, yes this two features will be much needed at FormPlus. I hope that Chillidog would consider it at an update.

(Nicky) #45

-Support Contact Forms without Steps.
-Time picker at the Date picker.

Hi Gregory, can you look at this two features in a future update. This would be well appreciated.
Thank you

(mark hunter) #46


I’d like to have a bit more control over the date selection in the Date Picker.

At the moment you can restrict to plus or minus a number of days from todays date.

What I’d like to be able to do is to restrict date selection to certain days of the week, for example.

I assume this is a feature request for @barchard rather than something that can be achieved at the moment?



(Jan Fuellemann) #47

Anyone working with the Forms? I like it, but I need to disable the Steps icons from view. It takes away too much screen estate. Who can help?

Next question: When I click into the fields I do not see a cursor. How can I get the cursor to be displayed?



(Lisa Sandler) #48

@Fuellemann I would love to disable the steps icon or shrink them smaller. I agree it takes up too much estate. How did you do that? @barchard any help here?

(scott williams) #49


May be able to do it with CSS

(Lisa Sandler) #50

I don’t have an url yet because I can’t get it to look the way I want so it’s on hold. These are more general questions for Greg that I think others may be looking for answers as well.

(scott williams) #51

I was answering Jan’s @Fuellemann post.

(Lisa Sandler) #52

whoops. Sorry. blah blah

(Jan Fuellemann) #53

Sorry, subpage:

(klaatu) #54

To JUST remove the steps triangles you can use:

.gsi-step-indicator {
       display: none;

(Jan Fuellemann) #55

Perfect, many thanks. That is just what I needed! Thanks again.

(scott williams) #56

fyi the down & dirty way to shrink them is using - transform: scale()

(Jan Fuellemann) #57

Me stupid :wink: My testdomain was the only one left with an old PHP version :slight_smile: All is fine now…

(Gregory Barchard) #58

After a lot of hard work and great user feedback, FormsPlus 1.2.1 is now out. Some notable features include more styling controls and Postmark support. Full details are below. Version 1.2.1 is a free update for existing users. New users can purchase FormsPlus now from my online store


FormsPlus 1.2.1

  • *New* Add the ability to limit the number of characters for a text input field
  • *New* Email subject parsing
  • *New* Add the ability to hide Steps/Chevrons
  • *New* Add the ability to change the color of success and error messages
  • *New* Font sizing controls for help text
  • *New* Font sizing controls for Prev/Next buttons
  • *New* Secure updates
  • *New* Support Postmarkapp
  • *Bugfix* Missing checkbox inline styling
  • *Bugfix* More compatible PHP mailer
  • *Bugfix* Properly escape user input when entering HTML into Step names or descriptions
  • *Bugfix* Form not submitting when no validation is enabled.
  • *Bugfix* Multiple replyTo when using Postmark.

(KC) #59

@barchard - I’m on FormsPlus 1.2.0, not currently being offered an update to 1.2.1 within RapidWeaver.

(Gary) #60

@barchard I’m still struggling to see how you can turn off steps. It seems that there is always a “NEXT” step to get the “SUBMIT” button on Step 2. Can the SUBMIT button be placed on the first and only step? I.e. no steps, just 1 form with a Submit button below the form.