Foundation 6 Theme Styles

A client of mine has the website developed using Foundation 6 and modified the Theme to 4 different Theme/Styles. I did download them but once trying to apply a specific style I can not find them under Themes. what would be the issue? Thanks

What would you be modifying on Foundation 6’s theme styles? There’s nothing really to change (zero settings for the theme master styles).

F6 you modify the site styles not the theme.

@teefers yes I meant the style! my issue I did download those 4 styles and I can not find them when trying to locate the page style.

How did you download them? We’re they sent as a template or a stack or what?

@teefers, they were as a stack. PS. I have managed to convince the client to switch to Foundry, but I thank you for the follow-up. regards.

Foundation does not have theme styles. I would be happy to help you if you still need it. Foundation 6 is pretty amazing. You should give it a go. :wink:


@joeworkman Thank you so much, Joe. I will check with the client and let you know if we will go ahead with Foundation. Appreciate that!

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