Foundation Box is Open!

Foundation Box is Open!

I’m happy to announce that our project files store is finally open!

We make professional project files for Rapidweaver built with Foundation 6 Stacks only.

Each project comes in a Light and Pro version. You will be able to choose between a lighter version built with Foundation 6 stacks only; or a super-powered Pro version that features a beautiful and intuitive Total CMS Admin Area.

Check it out:


Hi Davide,
Thanks, looks interesting.
Does the Pro version work with Easy CMS or only Total CMS?
Thanks Scott

Hi Scott, The Pro versions of the projects are built with Total CMS. If You want to use Easy CMS you would have to change stacks in the project.

If you are interested in an Easy CMS version I suggest to get the Light version and add easy CMS to it.

@davidefan I’ve been looking at your FoundationBox.Studio site, and these are absolutely stunning. Beautiful. Just awesome.

I encourage @joeworkman to please check out the very helpful Tutorials @davidefan created and especially his inventive use of your Pen Stack to organize the different type of stacks so F6 users can see how things are put together.

I hope @joeworkman you will consider the example @davidefan made with Pen, and drop color-coded Pens into one of your template files–just so we can better understand how to use Foundation 6.

Again, @davidefan–awesome work. Just amazing.

Do you have any kind of bundle deal for all 3 Project Files? Maybe $60 for all three, $75 for the TCMS/Pro versions?


looks great. When I buy the light-version, will it be possible to get an upgrade later to the pro-version?

Yes, you can upgrade from light to Pro. It’s a manual process for now. Send me an email and we will give you access to the pro version.

Prices are different for each project. In general If you buy the light version of a project and then decide to upgrade the total price will be 4 or 5 dollars over the price of the Pro version itself.

Thanks for the feedback. I have been doing exactly that inside of my F6 templates.

@davidefan trying to purchase one of your project files at, but does not accept PayPal?

PayPal is the most secure method for online transactions (if not all transactions), and anyone who doesn’t use PayPal is always a huge red flag for me to stay away.

Sorry, this is a no-go for me.

Perhaps @joeworkman has a solution:

PayPal is not the most secure. While I do accept PayPal. It’s actually not my default payment method in my site. I know a lot of companies now that do it offer PayPal as an option. They are quite a pain to deal with as a seller.

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1-What do you believe is the most secure?

2-What is your default payment method?

3-Please explain “pain.”

4-I don’t understand what you’re trying to say here.

Several years ago when Home Depot’s customer database was hacked, they contracted with PayPal to process all their credit card transactions, and they’ve never had another problem.

Many other retailers have since utilized PayPal for all in-store and online card transactions.

A Home Depot person told me PayPal is absolutely the most secure for credit card transactions and warned me to never, ever give out credit card information directly—especially online.

He also said anybody who doesn’t at least make PayPal an online payment option is a huge red flag that shouldn’t be trusted.

PayPal is a very good service. It allows people to sell and accept donations insanely easily with minimal effort. It’s not my default payment method because it costs me a bit more per transaction. Unless you have a business account, getting money out in an automated fashion is not simple. Disputes in PayPal are my biggest gripe.

There is no solutions that are more secure than others. It’s either secure or its not. The idea that you won’t buy from a site because it does not have PayPal is very short sighted. This is 2020, not 2005.


@joeworkman PayPal creates an impenetrable barrier that 100% protects my personal financial information. I know every PayPal transaction is secure.

Even if something goes awry, it’s instantly resolved with just a quick phone call.

I don’t understand your “dispute” complaint. Please explain. Should we advise our clients to not use PayPal?

Again, what is the default payment method for Weavers.Space?

If PayPal is not optimum, should we stay away from:

I use Stripe as my default processor.

PayPal is a great place to start. As a business, after time and volume, it’s important to evaluate other solutions. I don’t plan on getting rid of PayPal on my site. There are many people like yourself whom will only buy things through PayPal. I don’t personally understand that. But that’s ok. Different strokes for different folks as they say.

Let’s not derail this conversation any more than we have already. If you would like to respond, start a new thread here or over on my community.

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That’s cool. I just wish an option other than straight credit cards existed for FoundationBox.Studio.

PayPal It’s coming don’t worry. In some countries you have to go through a process to be able to manage correctly PayPal transactions (taxes and so on…).


That’s great to hear @davidefan. I’m looking forward to it.

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