Foundation - Getting text over image for Magellan

Admittedly, I am new to foundation. I am trying to setup a simple Magellan web page for an old web site to tell people we have changed our name. I want the top Magellan placeholder to be a full size image with text over it. I’d like it to be very similar to the Foundation 1.2 web page.

I have setup Magellan. I have placeholders created with Magellan Placeholders. Under the first placeholder I have a foundation Image control set to fill the screen with an image. Then, I purchased the Target addin and put it under the image control. I put a text stack inside with a simple line - This is my text.

I’ve tried creating a panel and putting both inside the panel. I’ve tried setting relative to parent, body, etc. and the text always appears below the image, more like a caption. Then I tried deleting the image and getting the text to appear in the middle of the page (center vertical and horizontal), but it appears at the top, just below the Magellan item list.

Does anyone have suggestions? It seems like this part should be fairly simple…