Foundation, Impact and Screens Slide

I have added Impact on a Screens Page in a Screens Slide (#4, the last one) and when I want to scroll to it, it just jumps back to the Main/first Slide (#1) of this Screens Page and doesn’t show. Plus if I scroll down to the next Screens Page it pops up for a second before the correct page is displayed.
Can anyone help me solve this problem?

here’s the link to the page I’m having problems with.

I think you can’t use impact inside screens. Maybe only as a hero header. And don’t use structure! Screens are great and simple but I switched to sections to get things like reveal light boxes, impact etc. That was the advice I was given, earlier thread.

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Impact can be used within Screens Page stacks in any of its configurations.
Impact cannot be used within a Screens Slide stack though.

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Thank you both for your answers…
Do you think that it will possible one day?

It is very unlikely that Impact will be made to work in a Screens slide. The way that Screens slides work really preclude using Impact within them - in essence you are trying to put a slider within another slider which is something that under normal circumstances you would never do.

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