Paragraph Pro paste text without style


I have discovered the really fabulous Paragraph Pro stack and want to use it instead of the text stack I have been using so far.
Unfortunatly, when I copy my text content to which I have applied a chosen font from the font menu of my theme and copy it into the Paragraph Pro, it copies all the style (font, color, size) and I cannot change it to the new font I want to use when using google font.
It seems that the font I have applied from the font menu takes priority and there is no way to reset it to “no specific choice”
The google font works when I place a new Paragraph Pro stack and type a new text but when I paste an existing one, it does not work.
How can I reset the Font style so it will apply the google font I have entered in the Paragraph Pro setting?

Many thanks for your help,


Try using 'paste as plaintext ’ when pasting, or you can use ‘ignore formatting’ or clear formatting for text you’ve already pasted.


Thanks thang, it worked.

Glad it helped. :sunglasses:

For a shortcut key, instead of pressing CMD+V to paste, you can also press CMD+Option+shift+V at it will paste as plain text