Foundation stack and text input


I am using foundation themes and Header pro and paragraph pro. I set up font family H1, H2 and Text Fonts style.When I copy text from word into H1 and H2 there is no problem. But When I copy form text from word into paragraph pro theme template is not reflected.

I want to copy text from word and theme template apply automaticaly.

What should I do?

If you copy text from Word or any source, it will bring that formatting with it.

To solve the problem, highlight (select) the text that’s an issue and select “Format” > “Clear Formatting”.

This issue has come up multiple times in the forum. Searching the forum will usually answer your question.


In addition to @NeilUK’s remedial actions, in future always use the Paste as Plain Text function in the RW edit menu to paste your text. This will prevent the inline styles from Word from being pasted in the first place.


Thanks, It is ok.

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