Foundation stacks stuck on 'updating'

@joeworkman Recent Foundation 6 updates have got stuck on ‘updating’ - anyone else noticed this or just me?

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Me too.

If you close & restart RW, It should be there. Not sure what the issue is - the latest F6 updates are the only ones that do this (at least for me!).


This occurs with Foundry as well. In the end it doesn’t matter.

Agree - so far they appear to have installed ok…just leaves an element of doubt tho.

The Stacks updater seems to sometimes get hung up with stacks that have a large number of files.


Joe @joeworkman has posted an Gitlab stacks issue on this.

Yesterday he upgraded his Amazon s3 service

So I discovered that I can pay Amazon for accelerated traffic on my S3 bucket. I just updated everything to now point to this new accelerated instance. I have no clue how much this will cost me but let’s see if it makes updating better.

Not sure when you got this message, but it might help Joe and @isaiah narrow down the issue if they know it’s still happening.

I started an ongoing thread about this here as well… It has some tips.

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The most important thing is to always restart RapidWeaver after updating any stacks. Always.


I should add that upgrading my S3 traffic definitely fixed it for at least one user. Once I did this, it updated immediately for him. It gave me high hopes but obviously it did not fix everything. I will leave it on anyways. I am very interested in how much this will end up costing me. Amazon’s documentation on how its priced is not very transparent.

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All the time. Reload & its there.

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