Help! Top Bar and Parallax not working

I have an issue with one of my Foundation sites. Previously everything worked great. Now the Top Bar menu will not show the menu from the homepage and I have a Parallax stack that is not showing the slides, only the background.

What is really strange is that the issues I’m having are ONLY on the homepage. If I manually go to another page on the site all menus work just fine. This is just in Safari. I checked with Firefox and Chrome and both work fine.

I am using RW8 but also republished my site with the RW7 file that previously worked fine and I have the same issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here is what I see on the homepage.

Here is another page on the site where the Top Bar works fine.



Just republish all might fix it.

I’ve checked the page and the top bar looks good on the homepage. I’m guessing you either fixed it already or you’re seeing something from your browser cache. If so, I always try viewing with a different browser – you can, of course, clear the cache too – but when I want to be sure – viewing in another browser is a quick way to get a brand new perspective.


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