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So as not to hijack a different thread, I’m opening up a new thread. I recently purchased a new navigation stack that looks very promising, and in doing so mentioned that I’m not a huge fan of TopBar in mobile devices (I am, however, a HUGE fan of Foundation, and build all of my sites with it). I have no problem at all building sites in Foundation and using someone else’s navigation stack.

TopBar, with the BWDuck’s TBS stack, works great on desktops. But, I find the mobile experience very lacking. In order to view submenus, one has to tap the header twice, which then opens up a new window showing “BACK,” along with the main item and the sub items. I should be able to just tap the menu once and have a list of the subs show up (along with all of the other main items). Second subs should work the same way.

In the screenshot attached, the left menu is TopBar. In order to see sub items, I will need to tap the main item twice. This will bring up a new view with a link to BACK, along with the corresponding top item and its sub-items, only.

The center screenshot is of MyMenu, which is fantastic for mobile devices, but (imo) not so great on desktops. Note how I can tap once on locations, and the entire set of sub-items appear. Beautiful.

The right screenshot is of MyMenu that’s been shoehorned into the site. It’s not elegant, but in my opinion, it works better than TopBar (for mobile, only). To date, I have not found a great way to show MyMenu on mobile devices only (I’ve tried Target, Visibility, etc.). This client has around twenty locations in the Charlotte area. So, tapping on South Charlotte brings up the five locations - while still showing all other locations. Wrong part of town? No problem, just tap any of the other Charlotte locations to see those locations. This is not possible using TopBar on a mobile device. Well, it is…but it takes a LOT more clicks and is very frustrating.

The new navigation stack is almost what I’m looking for. A few minor additions in a future update, and I’m there!




The MyMenu does not have “Hide this Stack” in the Responsive menu?

I am similar to you but opposite in way. I like topbar in mobile but I don’t like it in desktop view. So I use BWD ButtonPlus2 for desktop/tablet view and topbar in mobile only by hiding the one or other stack depending on what view it is in.

Andrew at BWD have been posting a teaser that he have a new stack coming soon called “MenuLab” and based on the stack he have released in the past that it will probably be an awesome menu stack.


Yes, I am also chasing a really good menu navigation stack.

Will be keeping an eye out for BWD’s release soon hopefully.

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I also agree. Building with foundation is easy and sites look great. The mobile behaviour of the topbar however is clunky and a poor user experience IMO (i.e. users should never have to hit the same thing twice to get where they want.

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