Foundation Top Bar on RW 8.4 version

There is a problem about Foundation Top Bar stack. It is not working. When I press any menu item It crashed.

Virtually impossible to help without a url so we can see what you are talking about.

I have a file created in 8.3 and works perfectly. All link (in menu or another place) is working properly. But When I open same file in 8.4 and press any link RW is stopping working. I have to close via force quit.

Unfortunately I can not share this file because of ı could not publish it.

When I publish some test pages it is work properly on the server (on the browser). I think problem is in the RW 8.4 editor.

Oh, you are talking about RW preview?
How are you previewing?
Preview in browser?
What version of OS are you running?
What version of foundation? Is it the latest?

  • Mojave 10.14.6
  • Foundation is latest
  • Both “preview in browser” and “preview in Rapidweaver”

What makes you feel that its Top Bar crashing? If you delete the stack from the page, does it fix it? Try adding a new instance of it to the page?

I am sorry, It is not related Top Bar. Links are not working totally.

Hi Joe,

When I open this project in RW 8.3 - Stack 4 and latest Foundation there is no problem in preview (WEB and RW preview console) about link (in menu and any link in page).

But I open the same project RW 8.4 - Stack 4 and latest Foundation there is problem in preview (WEB and RW preview console) about link (in menu and any link in page).

When I crated a new project on foundation theme also there is no problem.

What should I do to correct my project? This project is very important for me and it has a lot of pages (about 90 pages).


Send the crash reports to @dan and @Isaiah. They will be able to know exactly what is causing the issue.

Hi, has this issue been resolved, or a fix found, since I have just updated to RW 8.4., opened a project previously created in RW7, only to discover that the links no longer work and no amount of ‘re linking’ makes a difference. When I click on a nav icon or linked image, I simple get the ‘spinning wheel of death’ RW crashes and I have to force quit RW to start again. The problem occurs in RW preview.
I’m using Catalina, RW 8.4, Stacks 4 and Foundry. Everything updated.

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