The hassle of updating Foundation


Even after a few years of running Joe Workman’s Foundation Starter and two Addon Packs and Stacks 4, I still don’t know how to update Foundation to the current version. Soon after starting a new project in RW 8.5.1 I was hit with this message:


I checked the Stacks updater…

…but all stacks are up to date (well, except the Foundation Stacks).

Foundation Theme isn’t a stack, so it must have its own updater. Like…where? Certainly not at

Finally, according to the last error mesage above, it appears that the Foundation theme has not been applied, in spite of it having been applied:


Appropriately enough, clicking on Edit leads to an error in choosing style.


Is it just me, or does this rigmarole remind anyone else of Windoze?

I would be grateful if someone would kindly point out what I’ve failed to understand in resolving this problem.

Stay healthy everyone.


There is a download link to the F1 theme on the Foundation product page. Here it is…

Thanks, Joe.

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