Foundation v6.9 - Better Color Management

And we thought Foundation 6 could not get any better… This release is all about better color management. You can reference most existing colors defined inside Site Styles throughout all color settings. This allows you to reference a swatch’s color instead of having to define it again. If you have the Swatch Pack, you can take this even farther and define your own custom color palettes and leverage them throughout your swatches.

  • 3 New Swatches added to the Foundation 6 Swatch Pack
    • Pointer Events allows you to control what can be clicked
    • Custom Color stack allows you to define your own custom colors that can be centrally referenced throughout most swataches that have color definitions.
    • Object Fit swatch allows you to scale images and video as if they were backgrounds
  • Many swatches have been deprecated in order to integrate the new color management. You will see v6.8.9 in many existing swatches that have been updated. These swatches will keep their exisitng functionality but will not have the new swatch color features. You must add a new version of the swatch to the page in order to get those new features.
  • Color Override swatch now also allows you to assign a color to another named color. This can be useful if you want to override the default Foundation color variables with your own custom colors.
  • Active Accordion Submenu items can now be opened on page load, even when multiple layers deep.
  • Swatch child menu sorted better to make swatches easier to find

I will be doing my live stream tomorrow on all of these new features!


Awesome - congrats on the release!

Here is the live stream that I did on today’s update! The new color stuff starts 26mins in…

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