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Hi folks. (New to Rapidweaver)

I’ve searched and can’t find anythinhg on this. I’m needing to create a menu like the one in the screenshot attached. I have stacks and foundry installed but there’s no option to have the menu like this. I can’t see any themes that replicate this menu either.

It has to be a single menu (not two separate menus for the left and right side)

Does anyone know of a tutorial, a theme or suchlike that I can use to replicate this type of menu?

I know this can be dome using straight html/css/js code outside of rapid weaver, but I’m not sure how to implement this in RW so that the navbar links are automatically populated when adding a new page.

Many thanks :slight_smile:

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Welcome to Rapidweaver. Foundation 6 does this and is featured in the tutorial here https://youtu.be/5J5e3zF2W0Y

Foundation 6 has a fairly high learning curve. Learn more here and visit the support forum https://www.weavers.space/stacks/foundation

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This is one of the Foundation 6 menu templates

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HI, Source is a free “framework”, details here: https://shakingthehabitual.com/stacks/source/

Ihave recently released a template project using Source which has a manually curated menu on desktop exactly like the one you’ve got in the picture: https://www.templaterepo.com/#gradient

The project, called Gradient, uses the free Source framework, plus the Source addon packs, which costs £20.

The two menu’s I’m referring to can be seen here: https://www.templaterepo.com/demos/gradient/popdrop/ and here: https://www.templaterepo.com/demos/gradient/manmen/
lease be sure to read the “minimum requirements” so you know exactly what additional stacks are needed (they’re all free except the Source Addons Pack)

Source is made by @habitualshaker

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Hey there @sb1202

There’s a new navigation stack coming in Foundry v2 that would allow you to construct a navigation bar similar to this… :wink:


Hi, thanks for the reply and the info. Looks good. I had a look under the hood and initially thought this was 2 menus. Is there dropdowns available for this?

Cheers :slight_smile:

Cheers - looks good and pretty comprehensive. The menu does what I want but I’ve only just started learning RW and the costs are adding with all the add-ons so I’ll need to give it a proper look.

Hi Adam, sounds cool. When is this likely to be available? It would sure make things a lot easier if it were a feature. The particular brand for the site I’m working on really needs the centered logo as it’s very symmetrical and doesn’t work on the left or right. Cheers

I’m working on the documentation and videos right now. I think it is a good idea to have all that done before launch. Once they’re done I’ll announce more information on a release date, etc.


With Foundation 6 (based on Zurb Foundation) or Foundry (based on Bootstrap) you get tons of stacks, features and all sorts of goodies for building, as well as comprehensive helps on their forums. I didn’t realize Foundry was adding this menu in the coming update. Nice. Foundry is a great value and easy to use. https://foundry.elixirgraphics.com


Will this be a paid upgrade as I just bought Foundry last night?

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It will be a paid upgrade. There will be a grace period however. I’ll announce that when I announce a release date.

Both PopDrop and ManMenu use the regular Source buttons for the desktop menu, so no, no drop downs. If you wanted to have dropdowns you could use an alternative button group stack that supports them, like Bike White Duck Button Plus 2. Or, you could use the PopDrop stack from Big White Duck to not only create the mobile menu on the PopDrop menu, but also the desktop menu items.

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Is there a money back guarantee at all?

No, sorry, there is not a money back guarantee on digital products. I offer a plethora of tutorial videos, documentation and more on the Foundry site for you to check out before purchasing. If you have specific questions you can reach out via email, or direct message here on the forum, and I’ll be glad to answer them for you. That said, I’m going to stop hijacking this thread.

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