Looking for a Rapidweaver/Foundation designer

We’re looking for a RapidWeaver web designer to upgrade our website which was made using Joe Workman’s Foundation 6.
We need to update it to Foundation 6.9 (or whatever might be the current version) as many v.6 plugins are no longer compatible, and CCS is now defined quite differently.
Therefore, the candidate needs to have the latest plugins.
We do not need to update the look or content yet, simply the plugins to make it compatible again.

Not sure folks will understand what you are looking for.

Foundation is not a plugin. Stacks 4 is the plugin that Foundation 6 uses.

You said you made the site with F6 and you want help with updating to the current version (6.9.9 as of today). You said “many v.6 plugins are no longer compatible”, not sure what you mean here what “plugins” are you asking about?

What version of F6 did you use to create the site? There really shouldn’t be many compatibility issues between the different versions of Foundation 6.

Thanks for the reply and corrections. You are right.

The site was started 5 years ago with Foundation and a dozen and a half stacks. Once Foundation moved to version 6, a number of stacks started having issues. I also noticed that a different approach was introduced to deal with cascading styles. This has made it almost impossible for us to update it without addressing a number of re-configurations to respond to the new approach of Foundation 6.

We’re not looking for someone who has most of the JW stacks so that the site can be adapted to the new approach with the updated stacks. Of course we will also update ours, but we simply don’t have the time to do it in house currently.

Hopefully this better explains what we are looking for.

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Okay, that makes sense now. The original site is Foundation 1.x, not Foundation 6.

F6 was a total rewrite; so that will be rebuilding the entire site.

Yes, I supposed it is a total re-write.

I also recognize that the navigation tools have evolved and there are much better ways to handle different sizing of images for different viewers as opposed to Agent. No doubt that there are also better light boxes that are more efficient.

However, we are not looking to change the look, content or concept, which often brings most of the unpredictable work. In this case, there is a clear plan to follow. We simply need to bring the site’s technology from 2018 to 2021 so that we can continue to micro manage its content and presentation :wink:

If you’re interested, let’s get in touch privately and I can send you the site address.