Foundation 6 doesn't show up after installation

Hi there, I have problems with the installation of Foundation 6. It doesn’t show up after installation. I tried in 2 of my computers and same problem. I read 2 post about this topic, but the solutions haven’t work for me. Any help? these are the post mentioned above…no help for the there though:

You didn’t mention the version of Stacks you have installed – but assuming you have Stacks 4 you should be good to go.

My suggestion would be to use Stacks itself to open up the Stacks folder. It’s very easy to get confused about where RW is currently looking at its add-ons. Here’s how:

  • Click on the gear menu underneath the Stacks Library
  • Choose Show Stacks Library in Finder
    This opens up the folder that Stacks is currently using.
  • You’ll want to make sure the Foundation stacks are inside this folder
  • And that they look good – as in, they should be named something like:
    Foundation6.stack and Foundation6Templates.stack if you have the templates installed too.

If those stacks are there, then I’d recommend re-downloading them, and/or unzipping a fresh copy and just dragging the stacks into this folder by hand.

And, of course, you should restart RW after installing/removing any add-ons.

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So, I need RW + Stack 4 + Foundation 6?
I thought I only need RW and Foundation 6 to make it work
What do you think?

I’m the Stacks developer. I’m pretty sure you need Stacks. :smiley:


@epsa222 Yes you definitely need Stacks. Nothing like Foundation will work without it.

As it states on the Foundation page:

… you’ll need to have Stacks installed.

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