Foundry Install issue

I just bought “foundry” and I have a serious problem.
Half of the stacks are not visible and I can not drag them or use them.
How can I fix this?
(screenshot below.)
(RW 7.1.7 / OS 10.12.1)
Thanks in advance !


I suspect that you have the “Show Hidden” option enabled:

This option allows you to see even the internal component stacks (sometimes a useful thing to do). These are stacks that make up the building blocks of the whole Foundry framework. Many of them are not meant to be used by themselves.

If you uncheck the Show Hidden Stacks option I suspect you’ll see the correct list – just the stacks that are draggable.

If I’ve misdiagnosed this – then apologies in advance.



:slight_smile: thanks a lot !
that’s it

@isaiah is exactly correct (when isn’t he, right?). Turn the setting off and you’re good to go. Also replied to you email so you’re good and covered. :wink:

//cc: @bendeparis