Foundry questions

I need some assistance with the foundry theme:

  • How can i set a link by pressing the site logo to return to the home page?

  • How can i set a link, by pressing it will automatically scroll down to the header and the text?

  • How can i set a email address and open automatically the mail, by pressing the address in the footer?

Thanks for your help.

Hi there @Lars746 –

Let’s see if I can’t help with these questions. I might need a little more information though to assist, so we’ll see how this goes:

Are you talking about the Site Logo stack or perhaps one of the Navigation stacks?

If you’re talking about the Site Logo stack that comes with Foundry there is t setting in the stack specifically for adding a link to the logo, which is found here:

If you’re referring though to something like the Navigation stack, you’ll find it automatically links the logo to the “base url.” The Base URL in RapidWeaver speak for the URL you insert here in the General settings for RapidWeaver:

If you’re referring to something else other than the Navigation Bar or Site Logo stacks, please let us know.

The documentation pages for Navigation Bar and Site Logo can be found here –

Navigation Bar: Navigation Bar
Site Logo:

Check out the Scroll To stack that comes as a part of Foundry. The documentation page should explain its settings for you, and there is a tutorial video there as well to help you in its use: Scroll To

This isn’t a part of Foundry. This would simply be a special kind of link you’d set in RapidWeaver when linking some text in your project. You’ll want to Google mailto link. This is likely what you’re looking for. There’s a good resource on CSS-Tricks about the use of this mailto link: All About mailto: Links | CSS-Tricks - CSS-Tricks



@Elixir thanks for your great help. I nearly made everything work but just one thing is not working at the moment…

I have in the Navigation Bar a Site Logo and want to make it so, that if i press the logo i want to return to the Home of the page?
Is that possible because i am not able to find any solution for that problem. I have implemented my site logo not above the navigation but in the Navigation bar.

Would be great if you could tell me how to fix that.

Kind regards,

And how can i change the size of the site logo? I want to make it bigger in the navigation bar, how can that be done?

I answered this question above in my original reply. This is what I said in regards to a link on the site logo in the Navigation Bar stack:

Be sure you’ve configured the URL in your General settings, show in the screenshot I posted in my original reply.

If you are not using the Navigation Bar stack, or you still cannot figure it out, send me a ZIP file containing your Project File to adam at elixirgraphics dot com and I will open it and show you there.

You can’t manually adjust it. It sizes itself automatically to fit the available space of the Navigation Bar.

Thanks @Elixir.

The link to the site logo in the navigation stack doesn’t work at my page. Could you please help me with that issue?

I am sending you a screenshot about my problem!

Send a download link to your RapidWeaver project file and I’ll take a look.

By the way, to be clear, there isn’t a setting in the Navigation Bar stack for setting the link. As I mentioned earlier in this thread the link is taken from your Base URL that is setup in RapidWeaver itself, in your project file’s settings.

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