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I am still struggling to get to manage shopping site.

I made a test site using Foundry theme. Here is the issue. The images have not shown for the product pages. A question mark icon means that the image file is missing or broken. Why is that happened? This is the test site, https://nekomichi.net/test

Thank you, guys, from Japan

The images are missing (404-not found). Did you republish all files? Have you tried linking to the images manually?

Hi Neil san, It is already there.

I have no idea why is that happened. Thank you.
Wonderful Sunday


No, they don’t.
You can easily check:

Are you using latest RapidCart Stacks versions?

Hi, Roberto San,
I set Stack Store as a Home Page, Stacks Store URL …/ instead …/Stack-Store/.
Then what happened is the resource images have shown.
I noticed that Store Stack should be as to be top hierarchy as a Home page-Should be placed the top of pages. That’s why the images have shown.
The thing is the Stack Store page comes out at first not Home. That’s a next issue to me.
Is it possible to use Grids stack as catalogue pages instead of Store stack?

Here this is, https://nekomichi.net/example/

Grazie per il tuo feedback.

Michiya from Japan

Stacks Store URL in RapidCart Pro preferences must be pointed to the page actually containing the Store stack.
Other Stacks page can contain a grid of products.


Ciao Roberto,

Thank you, I fully understood regarding my issue.
My issue is now cleared.

Buon fine settimana

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