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(Michiya Nakao) #1

I am still struggling to get to manage shopping site.

I made a test site using Foundry theme. Here is the issue. The images have not shown for the product pages. A question mark icon means that the image file is missing or broken. Why is that happened? This is the test site, https://nekomichi.net/test

Thank you, guys, from Japan

(Neil) #2

The images are missing (404-not found). Did you republish all files? Have you tried linking to the images manually?

(Michiya Nakao) #3

Hi Neil san, It is already there.

I have no idea why is that happened. Thank you.
Wonderful Sunday


(Roberto Tremonti) #4

No, they don’t.
You can easily check:

Are you using latest RapidCart Stacks versions?

(Michiya Nakao) #5

Hi, Roberto San,
I set Stack Store as a Home Page, Stacks Store URL …/ instead …/Stack-Store/.
Then what happened is the resource images have shown.
I noticed that Store Stack should be as to be top hierarchy as a Home page-Should be placed the top of pages. That’s why the images have shown.
The thing is the Stack Store page comes out at first not Home. That’s a next issue to me.
Is it possible to use Grids stack as catalogue pages instead of Store stack?

Here this is, https://nekomichi.net/example/

Grazie per il tuo feedback.

Michiya from Japan

(Roberto Tremonti) #6

Stacks Store URL in RapidCart Pro preferences must be pointed to the page actually containing the Store stack.
Other Stacks page can contain a grid of products.

(Michiya Nakao) #7

Ciao Roberto,

Thank you, I fully understood regarding my issue.
My issue is now cleared.

Buon fine settimana

(system) #8

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