Foundry - Tooltip not showing on images? Any ideas

(Paul Brown) #1


I can’t work out why the tooltip isn’t working on images for the site I’ve built in Foundry?

And ideas as to why this is happening?


(Jason Bostick) #2

Do you have tooltips enabled in the main Foundry stack?

(Paul Brown) #3

Good question. I didn’t know there was one!

Will take a look. Apparently the client says 'where you have put the titles in on the images, you’ve put them in as “data-original-title”

I wasn’t aware of that as they usually just appear.


(Jason Bostick) #4

I don’t actually see tooltips on your images, so I can’t say for sure but you may be describing a seperate issues. Your client may be referring to alt-text on the images, by the sounds of it. Maybe @Elixir knows off-hand where “data-original-title” is coming from.

Also, the tooltips setting I am referring to (and these are used mostly on buttons, I think) may actually be in the theme settings, not the Foundry stack. Not at my RW computer to check for sure.

(Thorsten Beck) #5

just checked one of your images and the title="" (is empty). That should be filled and should be fine then.
The picture that I am talking about can be found at

(Adam Shiver) #6

Hey all! Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. Was on a 9.5 hour flight today without WIFI! How does that exist now? Enough of that though, back on topic – The data-original-title is for the Foundry Tooltips.

If you want to use the nicely styled tooltips that Foundry provides, be sure to turn it on in the theme’s variation settings (found in the Page Inspector):

Then use the Foundry Image stack’s Tooltip settings:


(Paul Brown) #7

Thanks guys! I’ll dive into that now.

Much appreciated!

And yes @Elixir not sure how a long flight without wifi is even a thing these days…


(James Bond) #8

Your profile picture is very distracting.

(Adam Shiver) #9

Not a problem. Glad to help. If you have any trouble you can shoot me an email, send me a direct message, or just follow up here.

Yeah, I literally rolled my eyes when I discovered there was not WIFI. But I got support done in-between anyway, so it worked out mostly.

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