ProGallery 2 problem

Pulling my hair out (not much left) I’ve got mouse over turned on and it is displaying the title at the bottom of the image thumbs BUT, it is ALSO displaying in larger text at the top of the thumbs at the same time. For the life of me I cannot find where to turn off displaying the titles at the TOP of thumbs, ie so just the bottom is displayed. here is the page:


You might want to directly alert @willwood to this issue. Otherwise he has to find this thread by chance.

I see the problem you are having, but have no idea what is causing it. Will should be able to help you out. Just remember it’s the weekend: so there may not be a reply until Monday.

Do you have both titles and captions on?

Nope, only titles

Hello Matt,

Has something been added to this webpage to apply popups or tooltips on links? It certainly looks like there is some additional tooltip being added onto each thumbnail link when you mouseover it.

The tooltip is even more noticeable when you set the page background to white like this:

There’s nothing showing in the web developer DOM for me at this end, which makes me think something is being added after ProGallery is done loading.

Another stack on the page or a setting in the theme perhaps? This could be worth checking at your end and might be a clue as to where these extra titles are coming from.

The Title Tooltips checkbox option you see in the ProGallery Thumbnail Grid Settings only does basic title attributes, which the web browser displays like in the examples given here:

I don’t think we have ever supported Bootstrap 4 style tooltips in this stack, for your thumbnail titles and captions. These certainly look like Bootstrap tooltips.

Foundry uses a version of Bootstrap, so this could be worth checking at your end.

If you are still stuck, please email me a copy of your project file to open and test at this end. Then I can carefully check all your settings and run detailed diagnostics on the webpage. Instructions can be read on the Stacks4Stacks website, for getting in contact. Kindly compress the file as a .zip and send it using a free file transfer service like Dropbox. If third party themes or stacks are used in this webpage, please include those in your download too. You can duplicate your project file and strip-it right down to this single webpage, if it makes things easier to send and review. I am able to open both RW7 and RW8 project files emailed to me. I appreciate any further information you can forward me.

By the way, a ‘please’ or ‘thank you’ never hurt anybody, if you are wanting someone to help you.



In the Foundry Settings, you can select to display tool tips. Can you disable them and try again?

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Wow, thanks for getting back to me Will. Your input was extremely helpful. I’m definitely using Foundry and it turns out Tool Tips was turned on at the Foundry Stack level. Totally missed it. Do apologize for not wording the request better, won’t happen again.

Thanks again for helping me get this resolved.

Best Regards,


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