Foundry version of RapidProject8 available now

I have rewritten a version of Project8 to work with Foundry from Elixir. This is based on the popular Foundation version of Project8 but uses many of the additional features of Foundry such as Cards, Card Deck, Nav Overlay, Progress Bars, Labels, Icon font, Badges and Button Bar. I think the Nav Overlay is a really impressive way to implement a full page menu - all with standard Foundry features.

The downloaded Project8 now includes both version for the same price. Think of it as a Forkin Great Buy One Get One Free offer. In addition Project8 still includes the 20% off Poster stack coupon redeemable at inStacks.

Foundry Demo at Webdeersign RapidProject 8
Foundation Demo at Webdeersign RapidProject 8
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