Free Stack for Fotos

Hey Guys,

I am writing you from Austria. Does anyone know a good FREE Stack for fotos. I wanna do a grid with some pictures…

Greetings from Vienna,

Hi Wolf,

Check out the Free category at StackCentral, see if you can find what you’re looking for there. Stacks4Stacks has a few free image stacks as I recall. You can make your grid using the built in Grid stack.


Thx Marten…I found something and I tried to use it. But I can only use it with Stacks3, is that correct? And Stacks3 don’t allow me to add more than 5 images…Than it says, that I have to buy it? I am a really beginner, but is there maybe a free image-plugin, where I can use the Stacks4Stacks things?

This is a free grid stack filled with pictures in the demo page:

But also with the default “Grid” in Stacks 3 you can fill every grid space with an “image stack”.
This Grid allows 5 colums x 5 rows = 25 pictures. But you can add another one, and then another one…

Thanks for your answer, Trystero. But this Stacks3 (Demo-Version) makes everything a lil bit difficult. I can’t add more than 5 images. Than it says, I have to buy it. It didn’t work with the useful grid. Now I am looking for a new free foto plugin, maybe I can solve my problems with it. You know something?

Greetings from Austria,

The Rapidweaver built in Photo Album page do not work as you want?

Different themes + Photo Album
Split Theme is free with Rapidweaver6:

P.S. Ok… you wrote “free stack” and Photo Album is not a stack

Thx…I am a really beginner…and the program is in english too :smiley: