Freezing at Loading Stacks Page

Having my first problem with RW; it’s freezing at Loading Stacks Page at launch. I’ve restarted my MacBook Pro 15", then when that didn’t work I did a safe reboot, then ran CleanMyMac. Then walked away for about 15 minutes to see if it would eventually load. No luck. What are the next steps with RW at this point? Is there something like the old “trash the preferences file” thing that works today?

Not saying that it is definitively the cause, but you would do well to fully uninstall Clean My Mac and never use it again. At best it is pointless and at worst it has been reported to cause all sorts of problems - certainly not confined to Rapidweaver but definitely including Stacks. Unfortunately, any issues it may have caused could be permanent so you may need to go to your last good backup.


I went back to my last Time Machine backup and it works just fine, so I guess the file got corrupted. I think I know when it happened… I had duplicated a page and changed the name, but the name change never took. I could click into it and see the correct name, but when I tabbed out, it went back to the previous name with Copy appended. Lost a bit under an hour’s work, but glad it wasn’t something more serious.

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