FTP: couldn't retrieve (RETR failed) the specified file

I can successfully sign in to my server via a an FTP client (Transmit). However, using the same credentials in RW, and set to level 1 (compatibility mode), I get the error: FTP: couldn’t retrieve (RETR failed) the specified file.

As of yesterday, I was able to successfully connect.

Has there been a recent change? Any suggestions for me to try?

I’m using Ver 7.3.3 on an iMac running Sierra 10.12.4

I’m having the same problem but unable to connect at all. Any suggestions?

hello i have a website Packers And Movers In Thaltej some ftp problem how to solve

Start by going through all the steps in this support article

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I’ve suddenly started getting the same error - on two different websites, but the the sites still upload. As far as I can tell, all the changes I made were uploaded correctly.

Did anyone manage to solve this issue? It’s weird because I’ve been tootling along for months, and then the recent update changed all my FTP settings on all my projects to “Active.” I discovered this when they wouldn’t publish, so switching it back to Passive Extended corrected the issue, but now I’m getting the error popping up, while in the background the sites continue to upload. (See screenshot.)

Any thoughts?