Unable to upload via Active FTP

I’m unable to publish my current website, i’ve spoken to the host and they say to use Active FTP mode, the problem is that Rapidweaver gets stuck on the connection phase before timing out with “could not sign into ftp server”

Can connect fine with an FTP program (so doing local export and upload as an annoying interim)

Have tried looking at this:

Just had the same issue and my host server (iPage) said the newest RW 7.2.2 is not compatible with their servers. Apparently RW / Realmac needs to update a setting for publishing. Waiting to hear from Realmac about this.

Thanks Doug but it is none of the usual suspects. It’s only happened since my host upgraded their servers which they say can’t currently support passive.

Let’s hope so too Josh, although before Christmas they just pointed me a a similar faq and were done with it…

I still find it hard to believe that there are only two people struggling with this. And no response to my support ticket. Very disappointing.

If both of you are experiencing the same issue with different hosts, it may be an opportunity for @ben or @dan to work with you to resolve the problem?