FTP not uploading certain files

Hi folks. Having a strange issue with FTP uploading my site to my hosting provider. Not sure when the problem started, as I recently made a global change and had to re-publish the whole site and certain pages are now unhappy.

I’m getting a generic error of ‘file can’t be uploaded’ with a generic ‘may be out of disk space’ error. I certainly have disk space, and I can drag and drop the files to the web site - so they can be loaded.

The files are seemingly random - sometimes a jpg file, sometimes a js or CSS file. But they seem to be related to specific stacks - like the FAQ 2 stack - if I remove that stack the page uploads just fine, but there is nothing wrong with the files it generates.

Not sure if this is a RW problem or Hosting problem.

Is there any way to get a better log from RW to see what the real problem might be - help diagnose the challenge I’m having? (I can’t imagine specific stacks themselves are failing).

MacOS 14.4.1, RWC 9.2.1

Hi @johnmcboston,

You’ll have to troubleshoot to see what causes this.

First of all, try the following to see if it makes the problem go away:

  1. Open your project file in RapidWeaver and go to the Publishing settings
  2. Set Connections to the lowest possible speed:
  3. Try to re-publish all files and see if hte problem goes away
  4. Repeat the above, but set the Connections to the next higher up speed setting. Do this again for the next higher up one until the problem reappears.

If this (selecting a lower connections speed) solves the issue, the problem is that your host only allows a certain amount of simultaneous connections to their server. You can leave RapidWeaver at the setting that works, or contact your host to request more simultaneous connections if you really need it.

If setting RapidWeaver to the lowest possible connection speed doesn’t work, it’s something else.


I’ll give it a shot, but other pages to the same host, often with more files, upload successfully at the same speed. but you never know…

There’s a guide here on how to enable upload logging. Follow along there and send over the log when you get a moment.