FTP - 'Operation was aborted by an application callback.' ;-)

(Gavin Dudeney) #1

Worked fine… now it publishes a few desultory files out of the eight million it has to publish every time I change a single character in a paragraph, and then the rest of them languish in FTP hell with the following ‘information’ note:

‘Operation was aborted by an application callback.’

It also freezes RW with an open FTP transfer notification and I have to force quit. I’ll be honest with you - it’s not ideal.

Any ideas?



(Simon Maddox) #2

Does the 7.4.1 beta fix this for you?

(Gavin Dudeney) #3


Things seem to be back to normal today, but thanks for the suggestion.


(Simon Maddox) #4

No problem. If it happens again, give the 7.4.1 beta a try - we’ve fixed up a bunch of issues that we spotted with certain hosts and server configurations.

(Rene Lepine) #5

I’m using Version 7.4.1 (18708) and it is still happening.
Are there any corrupt pref files I should be deleting?

(Phil Dignum) #6

I’ve also been having this problem. I’ve been trying to work it out for the past week, but I’ve been unable to solve it. I’ve not been able to update my site for over a week now.

(Russell Ward) #7

Four days back, I also got Couldn’t upload to your FTP server and then Operation was aborted by an application callback error messages.
I have tried uploading files with small changes and same things.
No changes to the server, I am using RW 7.5.1 and MacS 10.12.6.
Any suggestions please?

(Mark Dewart) #8

I had this problem yesterday when I upgraded to 7.5.1. When I changed my publishing settings from “Active” to “Extended Passive,” uploads started working smoothly again.

I hope this helps you.

I got this clue from reading through the forum discussion. Adjusting publishing settings to “extended Passive” has helped others when they encountered the error message you are seeing following previous upgrades.

(Russell Ward) #9

Yep, that was a nice thought and I did try it and also passive in case but to no avail. RW won’t back up after attempting to upload -it just hangs soon after it has started.
There are three lines in the one message in fact:
Couldn’t upload to your FTP server
Couldn’t upload to your FTP server
Couldn’t sign in to your FTP server
Checked with the help desk at my server and they checked their end out but no problems they can see. They suggested I do the upload via FileZilla which I will try when I get a moment tomorrow. Seems sad to have to go through an intermediary. RW was going fine until the weekend then this happened. Can’t remember when I upgraded to 7.4.1.

(Russell Ward) #10

Sorry that was 7.5.1 that I upgraded to.

(Jessica Rose) #11

I’m having the same problem since last Friday and the 7.5 update. Been in contact with the help desk and still no solution. My whole website is currently down.

(Russell Ward) #12

Is anybody doing anything about your contact with the help desk yet?

(Anthony Eversole) #13

I’m having the same problem. I even went as far as creating an entirely new site to test. Nothing seems to be working. Any help would be much appreciated.

(nick gaster) #14

I am having the same problem, does anyone have a workaround? appreciate any help.

(Steve Myers) #15

Days Later and I am still having the same problem you guys are.
Im using Godaddy.com. They sometimes have issues so I thought it was them.
I can publish one page at a time but never get much further than 100 files uploaded till it breaks the FTP connection.
I’ve tested the connection and the ping to google.com is almost the same as to godaddy.com
Have tried everything including making a new site try uploading. Still no luck
I have version 7.5.2 installed
Even tried using Cyberduck to upload to server through FTP connection and it has errors also after it gets started.