FTP problem in Rapidweaver: "TRANSFERRED A PARTIAL FILE"


i use rapid weaver 6.3.3 with stacks 3.0.1.

I have 2 sites in Rapidweaver, and one of them can’t be published anymore since 2 days. It starts ok, but stops when 95% of the files are uploaded.

When the publishing stops i get the message in OS saying “Unable to publish and the” . In Rapidweaver i get the message: “COULDN’T UPLOAD TO FTP SERVER: TRANSFERRED A PARTIAL FILE”

i tried changing several settings in the preferences/publishing but it doesn’t make a difference. What does the “Partial File” notification mean?

could you please advise asap?

The usual advice in this type of situation would be to go to the publishing preferences and change the maximum concurrent uploads to 1 (one).

That’s the advice I see most often. Personally, I use an FTP program (Transmit) for uploading my site and all the changes I make. I never have any problems that way.

I find that - since RW6 - the ftp publish sometimes stalls. in 100% of cases, when I run it that way a second time, it completes.

‘Partial’ can have nothing to do with Stacks… the upload was interrupted part of the way through a file.

And of course try lowering the maximum concurrent uploads: the host I use has a maximum of 4 (ask yours); so I set to 3 :slight_smile: