FTP Issue- can upload pages, but not entire site

Here’s a strange issue - I am unable to upload an entire site, but am able to upload pages of the same site. If I attempt to upload the entire site (Publish or Publish all files), I get the attached message as soon as Rapidweaver connects to the server. The app then hangs, and I have to force-quit it. I have no trouble, though, right clicking on pages within the project and uploading them. Any ideas?

@dave What version of RW are you using? I think I had this same problem on the latest beta (7.4 beta) but certainly did not experience it in earlier versions.

Hey Mathew- I’m not sure which beta version I was using. But, most likely it was the most recent beta version (I wasn’t prompted to upgrade this morning). However, I’m now back on 7.3.3 and the entire site transferred perfectly.

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