Ftps issues with aabaco

(najeh davenport) #1

Im working on a site for a client who already has a hosting plan with aabaco hosting via yahoo.com. Prior to January i uploaded an under construction page. now that I’m finish I can’t log back into published my site because of the following “connection timeout, ssl error, and server not found” has anyone came across this problem

(Rob D) #2

The instant remedy: export your site locally and use FTP client (Transmit, Yummy, etc) to upload your exported site to your server. Works every time.

(najeh davenport) #3

I’m not sure how to do it properly do you have a tutorial so the site will be up and running that I look too

(Doug Bennett) #4

Might want to check out the KB article:

If that does not help you will need to give more info, like hosting company URL. Screenshots of you publishing settings(block out passwords). Did test in publishing work. What version of RW.

FTPS often requires a port number.