Problems publishing/signing into ftp server

OK so I’ve been working on a site for my wife for quite a while now. I had done a bunch of work to the site and then had to wait to make some changes for some input from her so it didn’t get worked on for a couple of months.I got the info and fired up RW8 made sure all stacks were updated and made some changes. the first couple of changes published as normal but after a few changes/ publishes it had a connection error and timed out. I restarted RW and it would publish a few times then start timing out again. Now it times out on a few of the connections but still updates on 2-3 of them. The problem is none of the changes were ever published The changes reflect in RW still but not on the live site. My computer is up to date and so is RW and all stacks. I can log into the server using the credentials I have using Filezilla and HostGator confirmed my settings. The site is I have no idea what I’m doing wrong.

You could publish your files to a local folder and then try to publish using FileZilla.

I’m not sure exactly what you mean here. You said you would “restarted RW and it would publish a few times“, did those changes not show up?

You should probably go through the steps outlined here:

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