Full page a month calendar (with colors)

My client wants a calendar:

Full frame showing the curent month.

They need to add content easily (probably google cal)

They would like each catagory event to be a different color block.

Ie The date square is filled in red / blue / green

I seem to want a combo of https://www.weavium.com/stacks/kalendar and

Any advice greatly appreciated

This is old…but might work for you…

Thanks Joe.
But I think I need to look for something thats still being developed. Its a new client anbd I want everything to work perfectly. Im looking everywhere but cant seem to find what I need.

and you are welcome…
I did like date loom…wish someone would do a stack replacement
hint hint @joeworkman

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Please allow me to share a few screenshots and knowledge of the events calendar WebYep can produce. I feel too many people are overlooking what’s already possible with this highly capable CMS.

Within RapidWeaver you would be able to add a WebYep Calendar to your webpage and you can see it has quite an extensive choice of style and colour settings (click for a bigger image):

When you publish the page and login, you are presented with instructions and form fields to set the start, end and description of each event. The interface allows you to delete old events, add new events, duplicate an existing event and change the ordering of an event:

Enter the start and end date in YYYY-MM-DD format:

And enter your description text for the event:

The completed calendar will look like this on desktop:

And on mobile, where there would be insufficient space to display the calendar tables, we present the events as a simple list:

Past events / calendars are automatically hidden. The system is quite clever, in that it will only display a calendar table if you have one or more events for that month.

Categories are not supported, however this is where you can get creative in devising your own system. You could set-up multiple webpages for each calendar category, with links between them (this would be good for SEO). Or you could use simple HTML code to give individual events unique styling. Font Awesome icons are also supported too.

If you did want dedicated category support and colour-coding, then I could consider adding it in a future free update. But to date, nobody has asked me for it, so I don’t know how popular the feature would be.

The Webyep Calendar stack works with both the free and paid versions of WebYep. So potentially it is a very low-cost calendar solution. And it definitely is still supported and actively developed.


Hi Will

That is so kind of you. THANK YOU.

I tried it out on my test site. But when I came to edit(click the padlock on the published page)
I got tyhis message in red

To edit these pages with WebYep you need to enable JavaScript in your Web Browser!

JaveScript is enabled so Im stuck

Two threads down!

Or have another read the product page again, specifically the final paragraph.

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