Full Width Panels

I usually set max width in a page to 1200 pixels to avoid having content floating and leaving blank areas.
I would like to create full with colour panels similar to those in the Rapid Weaver entry page, even though content remains in the 1200 pix zone. Areas on the RW site like this are the black area for new features and purple area for add-ons.
How can I do this please.

You need to be sure your theme supports full width areas. What theme are you using?

Thank you. I am using the Navigator theme.

According to the product page
under details it says that the extra content areas have edge to edge support, but that seems to be it.

Thanks Robert.
I have only been using Rapid Weaver for a few months and kept with the one theme while I got to find my way around everything. I have built several sites and now feel quite confident in general and have loaded quite a number of stacks from basic design through to shopping carts - all working well - but this is something that I have not got to grips with so far. If it isn’t a dumb question, what is extra content?

Adam explains it good on a video here
under the tutorials tab, there is a section on Extra Content.

There are free form themes, like Foundation, Bootsnap, UI Kit, Pure and Foundry that all allow you to make your site the way you like and those themes will have all areas be edge to edge. Of course, since I work for Joe who makes Foundation, I favor that one more than the others, but there is a choice out there for you.

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Thank you so much. After a hard day I am now turning in (I am retired and don’t have the stamina I used to have) so have bookmarked the link and will check it out tomorrow. Thanks for your help which is very much appreciated.

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