Future Theme Sidebar Ussue

I am creating a site using the Future theme. I have sidebars in use on most pages, and am copying and pasting the text into the Sidebar from another source.

However when moving between pages, the sidebar text panel becomes empty (after pasting the text in), yet in preview mode the sidebar text shows OK.

Any ideas on this one?

I’ve just discovered when the Inspector is in pop out mode, the text shows OK, but not when it’s docked within the main Rapidweaver client window.

Edit… Arghhh, no it’s not. This is only a workaround for some pages :-((


Having a hard time following what you are saying.

If you are talking about the built-in sidebar, the sidebar content is on a page by page basis. So are you putting content in every pages sidebar?

You didn’t say the source, but it’s always best practice when copying content from other sources to make sure you Paste as Plain Text (⌥Opt+⌘ Cmd+V) and not just paste normally (⌘ Cmd+V).

Other than that, without a URL or more to go on can’t give you much more.

Hi @teefers

Yes, the built in sidebar, and putting content in most pages. I am also pasting as plain text.

I am managing with the workaround of popping out the page inspector and back in again, or popping it out and resizing.

The sidebar text is on the page, but in the Inspector the field is blank. It’s a bit weird and annoying but I’m getting around it. Thank you for replying!

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