Disappearing sidebar

Hello. I’ve got a new issue and can’t seem to find it in the search.

I’m running RapidWeaver 6.4 for three blogs and few other websites.

I just added an entry to one of my blogs and I previewed it to make sure it looked good. There was no sidebar in the preview. I tried previewing the page in Safari, no sidebar. The non-blog pages still have their sidebar. I checked the Master Style. I tried switching the sidebar on and off there. No luck. I took the blog pages off the Master Style and tried switching the sidebar from right to left and hiding it. No luck. There is the space for the sidebar, but no sidebar. I tried signing out of the account and back in, no luck. I rebooted the Mac, no luck.

My other blogs seem to be okay, just this one.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

I fixed it. It was a coding error, I put a period instead of a backslash in a close div.

Let that be a lesson to use your snippets instead of thinking you can do coding on the fly.