G ometrix addon

I’ve reinstalled RapidWeaver 6 on my new laptop, but it won’t open an existing website with the theme G ometrix. It says it is not available. I want to keep this theme. Does anyone know if it is still available, or which designer it was by.

That sounds like a theme by Nick Cates Design

Ah yes, I think it was now that you mention it.

Do you still have your add-ons folder? It would be in there.

I’ve found it on my old laptop and sent it to my new one. Any ideas where it needs to sit on my new laptop, or how I can activate it?

You should be able to double click on it from the desktop and it will install. Take a look at where all your add-ons are set to save. It’s in Preferences. Everything should ‘live’ here.

Mine doesn’t look like that - it looks like this

oh, sorry, that’s right. You have an older version of RW. Can someone help tell where the add ons are in older versions? I think it might be in the Library in the users folder, under application support, in the RW folder. This shows you the path.

This is how mine looks. When I reinstalled Rapidweaver from the Realmac site, it just put it in downloads, and it seems to open from there. It didn’t install in the usual way. So it isn’t where it should be.

The library in your users folder is hidden. Open a new folder on the desktop, hold down option key, and click the Go menu. You should see library there in the drop down.

I’ve accessed the library as you said, but Rapidweaver isn’t in there.

In Applications Support there is no RW folder? And you’re on your old computer? Then I think you’ll have to wait to hear from someone who knows where the files are for RW 6, sorry :frowning: