Gallery 2 has stopped working?

Hi there fellow Weavers…

I’ve an issue that I just can not resolve and it’s driving me nuts.

Ive been using “Gallery 2 from Instacks” for a while with success using RW6. But now it will just not respond anymore in both RW6 & RW7, it just basically doesn’t work. Existing pages up there do, but not new items.

This is my current site, uploaded ages ago - works:

And this is the same site uploaded today, nothing has changed at all, nothing, and it doesn’t:

Ive tried other sites, new sites from scratch and nothing. I am officially stuck - Can anyone come to my rescue? All help appreciated.

Cheers, Steve.


next time please send me an email.

Of course you changed something. The site, which works, is using Stacks 3.0. The second site with the error uses Stacks 3.1.

I have published an update for this long time ago. You are using Gallery Stacks 2.0.1. The current version is 2.7.1 Please run a stacks update.

If this fails, send me an email:



Thanks for the swift response. Please excuse my poor troubleshooting etiquette, sorry about that.

Im looking for the update now.

Cheers, Steve

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